premium has arrived - upgrade now for early adopter pricing.
We're super excited to let you know that we've finally rolled out our premium tier. A huge thanks to all of you who contributed to our discussions about pricing - you're the best customers a tiny startup could have and we love you for all your help :)
Only $50 per year, or $5 per month.
If you love, we'd really appreciate it if you were to upgrade.
Premium Only Features
We’ve added some of your top feature requests to our premium plan.
  • Multiple Sites
  • Password-protected Sites
  • Multiple Authors
Now you can create as many sites as you like, password protect them, and have multiple users post to the same blog, showing their own avatars.
Avatars & Cover Photos
We now have an awesome option to allow you to upload your custom profile avatar or logo, and site avatar/logo and cover photo directly on the site.

This means you can no longer just add a note tagged “avatar", but it allows each individual author to maintain their own avatar in their account.
New Default Theme
We’ve created a new default theme called Expanse - complete with a cover photo and social bar :)

Simply edit your site, and choose Theme Browser to select the Expanse theme.
Embedded Social Features
We've been working on this feature in secret for some time trying to get it right, and we're proud to unveil it to everyone: the Social Bar!

You can now follow sites which then get listed in your dashboard so you can easily keep tabs on new content. You can also like posts that you've admired or found interesting. You can do all these things from any site or from the Discover feed.
Embed codes update
Embed codes are now more reliable as they use the same detection as Wordpress shortcodes! We've also added Flickr single-photo embeds that work with both full and short urls, along with Soundcloud and embed codes.
RSS Feeds by Tag(s)
You can access an RSS feed by a tag or set of tags (comma-seperated) which is good for following a site in a particular theme or category.
Single tag example:
Multiple tag example:,design,travel